The Map My Mom’s Gave Me by Bianca Cooper is a collection of stories of different families through a toddler’s point of view.  The family examples showcase how their differences--be it race, color or gender--does not affect their family life nor the love and values they share. Each family mentioned in this book is close to the author and her son, Weston. The Map My Mom’s Gave Me is a book that provides lessons for children to see how life is much more than acknowledging division. The truth is, regardless of how imperfect a family looks from the outside, love is the strongest bond that makes it perfect regardless.

Bianca Cooper is an author from Southeast Louisiana, who currently lives in Athens, Texas. Bianca always had a knack for writing, and her parents motivated her to pursue it further.  She won a national DARE writing contest when she was only ten years old and many national fairs throughout her school years. She had several poems published as well. Unfortunately, her mother’s demise caused her to pause and choose a different path. Bianca blossomed in her health-care career and is currently leading the Covid Vaccine Command Center across the country with the company she has been with for several years. However, along the course, her passion to write ignited again through her toddler, Weston. Bianca realized Weston was an avid reader and she was concerned about how the world lacked many books on same-sex parents. Bianca instantly knew her next step, and her writing career began again.

The book will be available on all platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles by August 3rd, 2021. Be sure to check out this must-read children’s book!!