While we have our own way of judging the most good looking people that exist on earth, the greeks believe in science to judge facial perfection of a person. Just recently, a UK-based cosmetic surgeon used the "science" of Phi to determine the most handsome celebs. The method used is an ancient, Grecian golden ratio of beauty that can tell how perfect your face is. It takes quite some calculation to determine the "perfectly aligned face". The ratio is deduced by measuring various aspects of the face. Bella Hadid Has The Perfect Face According to Scientific Beauty Standards, Making Supermodel Most Beautiful Woman in The World.

So what exactly is a perfect face? Well, most of us will call that a subjective perspective. However, according to science, there exists a "perfect" face, with 100% adherence to the Golden Ratio. It is concluded that a face is perfect when the length of an ear is equal to the length the nose, and the width of an eye is equal to the distance between the eyes. The closer a rating is to 100%, the closer one is to the ancient Greeks’ idea of physical perfection.

Ryan Gosling (Rating: 87.48%)

The Hollywood heartthrob stands at the 10th position according to this list of most handsome man in the world. That's shocking my as per records in the study, his forehead: 93.8%; eye position: 82%; nose width: 99.2%; lips: 66%; chin: 97.4%; nose base: 91%; face shape: 93.15%.

Kanye West (Rating: 87.94%)

Yas! The rapper stands as the ninth-most handsome man in the world and we're loving it. His individual ratings are: Forehead: 79.8%; Eye position: 87.9%; Nose width: 81.2%; Lips: 72.8%; Chin: 94.5%; Nose base: 78.7%; Face shape: 89.6%

Idris Alba (Rating: 88.01%)

The hot actor Idris Alba is the eighth-most handsome man in the world. Woah his individual ratings are impressive. Check out: Forehead: 91.4%; Eye position: 89%; Nose width: 71.9%; Lips: 93.9%; Chin: 98.5%; Nose base: 71.9%; Face shape: 88.6%.

David Beckham (Rating: 88.96%)

We're just wondering why he's not the number 1 but ya the ex-footballer is the seventh-most handsome man in the world. His individual ratings are: Forehead: 96.4%; Eye position: 73.2%; Nose width: 84.6%; Lips: 91.9%; Chin: 98.6%; Nose base: 99.8%; Face shape: 80.9%

Hugh Jackman (Rating: 89.64%)

Our favourite 'wolverine' is the sixth-most handsome man in the world. His individual ratings: Forehead: 96.4%; Eye position: 90.3%; Nose width: 97.6%; Lips: 87%; Chin: 92.7%; Nose base: 84.1%; Face shape: 96.8%.

George Clooney (Rating: 89.91%)

The superstar is the fifth-most handsome man in the world and no wonders abbout that! Individual ratings for the actor are: Forehead: 82%; Eye position: 87.4%; Nose width: 93.4%; Lips: 89%; Chin: 89.1%; Nose base: 92.7%; Face shape: 90.9%

Brad Pitt (Rating: 90.51%)

Hollywood heart-throb, Brad Pitt is the fourth-most handsome man in the world and we ain't complaining. Individual ratings: Forehead: 92.9%; Eye position: 93.3%; Nose width: 83.3%; Lips: 87%; Chin: 89.7%; Nose base: 89.1%; Face shape: 89.5%

Bradley Cooper (Rating: 91.08%)

OMG! We couldn't agree more. Bradley Cooper is the third-most handsome man in the world. His individual ratings according to the survey are: Forehead: 92%; Eye position: 89.2%; Nose width: 87.9%; Lips: 92%; Chin: 94.3%; Nose base: 95.7%; Face shape: 81.7%.

Henry Cavill (Rating: 91.64%)

We kinda saw this coming, the 'Superman' star is the second-most handsome man on the planet. Individual ratings: Forehead: 98%; Eye position: 95.3%; Nose width: 88.2%; Lips: 97.1%; Chin: 91.8%; Nose base: 96.9%; Face shape: 93.5%.

Robert Pattinson (Rating: 92.15%)

Every millennial will agree with this. The 'Twilight' heartthrob is the most handsome man alive on Earth. Individual ratings are: Forehead: 93.6%; Eye position: 94.7%; Nose width: 94.67; Lips: 82%; Chin: 95.1%; Nose base: 89.4%; Face shape: 91.1%.

There you go, a complete list of the most handsome men on Earth. Honestly, these are a lot of hot men pics to handle for today and while we buzz off, tell us what you think of the list? Do you think Robert Pattinson deserved the title of the 'most handsome man'?

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