Mumbai Citizens Are Most Vacation Deprived, Leads Sad State of Indian Holiday Goers!
Mumbai Citizens (Photo Credits: PTI)

Are you one of those who can never manage to take a vacation? If you are racking your brain trying to think of the last time you went on a holiday, you are long overdue for some time off. Your to-do list just piles up, and you regularly lose it when the end of the year comes. It is unfortunate that a large number of workers forego their paid time off. Not sure about other places in the world but if you are a worker in Mumbai, it appears that you are vacation deprived, says a survey. How to Spend Winter Vacation with Family? Ideas to Explore this Holiday Season? 

According to the survey initiated by a travel portal Expedia, about 51 percent people from Mumbai do not take vacations because they do not get time off work while 40 per cent do not go for holidays as they can make money in exchange of unused vacation days. Eighty-eight per cent Mumbaikars feel vacation deprived. Overall, 75 percent of Indians feel vacation deprived, the highest in the world, followed by South Korea at 72 percent and Hong Kong at 69 percent. Indian workers do not take all the vacation days and rank five after Japan, Italy, Australia and New Zealand in the matter of leaving it unused. India International Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 Begins in Shillong as Himalayan Cherry Flowers Bloom. 

The survey further reads, “Not taking holidays makes Mumbaikars (24 percent) feel like successful people as they think those who are successful at their job can’t or don’t take vacation days.” But there are Mumbaikars who take extended vacations. They believe that it plays a significant impact on their professional life. Individuals who prefer leaves in Mumbai (92 per cent) make it for mental wellness. Ninety-seven percent Mumbaikars feel vacations are essential for general health and well-being.