Solo Travel 101: Things Every Woman Should Do When Travelling Alone To Have The Best Vacation Ever!
Solo Travel (Photo credits: Pixabay)

It is a brand new year, and you are longing for that beach vacation. You finally book your tickets, and you cannot be more excited because you are travelling solo.  You can do what you want and when you want and if you plan carefully, you can not only save money but also do a lot of cool stuff. Vacationing solo can be an experience like no other but make sure that you tick these boxes to make it a memorable one.

1. Keep Safety Above Money

Sure you have set your budget for accommodation but if you feel that the zostel stay is going to make you uncomfortable, look for a safer and a more pleasant option. You can compensate for the price of the hotel room by not shopping for a month, but safety is worth more than new clothes. Travel Tip of The Week: How to Pack Lighter and Smarter For a Short Business Trip

2. Carefully Research Transportation Options

For anything that you are doing, Google can give you all the details about reaching from one point to the other. Public transport can be cheaper and faster in a lot of places, even though a cab sounds more convenient. Also, check with your hotel if they offer affordable transfers.

3. Pack Less

If you are travelling solo, pack light. Try and fit everything in your bag pack to move hands-free. Do not carry too many options. No one will know if you wear the same dress twice for dinner. Just a pair of good sneakers can be right for your vacation. How and What to Pack For a Honeymoon Trip, Checklist For Your Romantic Vacation

4. Text Your Family and Friends

Make sure that you keep your mum or your best friend posted about your whereabouts. Whenever you have access to WiFi, make sure that you send a photo or a quick text. Also, share your itinerary and the details of your accommodation so that they can get in touch with you, even if you miss doing it.

5. Get the Locals and the Tourists to Click Your Pictures

You will never be able to get the best shot if you try to squeeze yourself and the gorgeous mountains in a selfie. So, do not hesitate to ask someone you meet on the voyage for a photo. You will not only have great pictures but will also get an opportunity to make new friends in your vacay. 7 Ways to Make a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Trip And Yet Have a Great Time

6. Don't Advertise On Social Media That You Are Alone

We understand that you cannot do without posting your stories on Instagram, but don't let anyone know that you are travelling alone. You never know someone might just be looking for that one opportunity to harm you. It may not be that ideal for your safety. You can brag about your solo travel as much as you want when you get back home.

7. Don't Let Strangers Know That You Are Alone

If a stranger interrogates why you are eating by yourself, tell them that you are waiting for your friend or your boyfriend. You will keep the creepers out with this one small lie.

Carry a book that fits in your purse for dinner so that you do not have to spend your ‘me’ time playing dumb games on your iPhone. Just soak in the come and come back with loads of memories.