The summer season is here but there is no chance of going out and enjoying your walks in the park or do picnics, as the lockdown continues. Since two months now, some places around the world have been in lockdown, with every family observing the social distancing. And as elders, we may get used to it, but it is difficult for the kids. With lockdown giving no option of enrolling them for some fun activities, you can organise a virtual summer camp too. Wondering how? We give you some ideas and activities that you can organise at home and give your kids a feeling of summer camps. You can involve their cousins and kids from the neighbourhood for interaction. Check out some ideas for making a virtual summer camp at home. Home Science Experiments With Explanations to Keep Kids Busy At Home: Try These 6 Easy Science Tricks During Quarantine (Watch Videos).

Allot Activities For Each Day

To give it a feel like an actual summer camp, keep a schedule of activities that you would teach or want your kids to learn. From basic science experiments to easy craft ideas, make a timetable of what all activities will be there in this summer camp.

Keep Crafts Workshop

One of the easiest ways of keeping kids as well as you involved together is through craft activities. You can also try your hands at becoming crafty. It could be making greeting card or origami. Start from the basics, with the help of DIY videos online. There are so many easy craft ideas available. You can teach them about the importance of recycling stuff by teaching them craft with upcycled items.

Check Video of Easy Crafts For Kids:

Try Kid-Friendly Recipes

Get your kids involved in the kitchen too. They make easy recipes like biscuit cakes, sandwiches, etc. These are recipes which will require not more than 4 to 5 ingredients. You can remove all the ingredients for them and help them with the measurements. But do not prepare it, let them mix, whip, decorate as they wish. It will give them an accomplishment of cooking something on their own.

Watch Easy Recipes for Kids:

Show Documentaries

Utilise the kids/child mode on your online streaming apps as a part of this summer camp. Show them documentaries pertaining to the animal world or nature. You can sit along with them and teach them about evolution, the beauty of nature and why it should be respected. Most kids love watching animal videos, so show them great movies or documentaries with a message.

Keep a Camping Night at Home

If you have been blessed with a backyard or a big balcony, make it a space for camping. We get it, not everyone may have a camping tent, but you can utilise some umbrellas and big pillows with a bedsheet to make a small camp house. Make a blanket fort which will be cosier option. We are sure, kids will love making it and spend all day in there.

Watch Video of How Making Tent At Home:

These virtual summer camps will ensure your kids are busy, entertained and also learning something. Thanks to technology and video calling platforms, you can let them interact with other kids from the neighbourhood or cousins to show off what they have done in the "summer camp" this time. It is a little time-consuming to do all these activities and you will have to plan them well, but as long as your kids are busy and enjoy it, we are sure it will be fine.

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