After Durex, Condom Brand Manforce Takes Jibe at Price of Petrol Going UP & Value of Rupee Going DOWN!
Manforce Condom (Photo credits: Twitter)

Mumbai, September 19: People are getting burdened with the rising fuel prices and the fall in the rupee value. Talk to any commoner today, or open a newspaper, this is the news that has been grabbing headlines for the last couple of months. People are frustrated, irritated because it is putting immense pressure on their pockets. Taking a jibe at the current situation is Manforce Condoms who has released quirky creatives. They have released two creatives- one on the soaring fuel rates and the other one on the depreciating rupee value.

Brands are known to jump on to topical issues because it helps them to grab instant eyeballs. Durex Takes a Cheeky Jibe at Indian Rupee Breaching 69 Mark Against Dollar! Alludes to Sex Position. Over the last few years, condom as a category has evolved and has shown extreme promptness when it comes to their marketing on social media.

Take a look at Manforce Condom's interesting social media creatives

We are the third largest population with HIV and the second most populous country in the world after China. People get offended at the drop of their hats, so brands are extremely careful in their marketing strategy. Considering the restriction in the timing on television for condom ads, brands in the condom category are trying to use the social media space to their maximum.