Arizona Man Steals Ambulance From Hospital Because ‘It Was Too Hot To Walk Home’
Arizona Man who stole the Ambulance (Photo Credits: Mesa Police Department)

Okay, so we know stealing is wrong! And when it is an ambulance, it is definitely illegal. In a recent incident, a man from Arizona in the United States took off with an ambulance from a hospital. If you are wondering why the man chose such a bizarre object to steal instead of a car, jewellery or cash, wait till you hear his explanation. Apparently, he stole the vehicle because it was ‘too hot to walk home.’ At least, that's what the Arizona Police said. But wait! It’s too soon to pass a comment.

According to the Mesa Police Department, on July 16, Arizona police informed that a man stole an ambulance after he was discharged for ‘a heat related situation.’ His purpose was to drive home and collect some money so that he could buy a sandwich. The man claimed it was “too hot to walk home.” The officers immediately answered and with the help of GPS, located the ambulance.

Now why his definition of “too hot” is accurate? In July, the temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona averages over a 100 degrees. Well, that cannot be pleasant at all! Especially for the man who stole the ambulance. Identified as 37-year-old Todd Tanner Shell, the man was admitted to the hospital due to a possible heat stroke. The police officials in their report noted, “he intended to return the ambulance.” In fact, a report reveals that on the day of Shell’s alleged crime, Phoenix witnessed the hottest day of the year at a high temperature of 116 degrees.

Thankfully, the ambulance of Arizona’s Banner Desert Hospital was not damaged and returned to the service. But Shell was booked under a count of unlawful use of means of transportation and unlawful flight from law enforcement.