As Everyone Talks About US Service Dog Injured During Raid on ISIS, Here's a Beautiful Thread About Puppies Rescued After Their Mom Died in The Same Mission
Puppies rescued from Syria (Photo Credits: Twitter)

US special forces successfully carried out a raid in Syria to kill Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the world's most dreaded terrorist and ISIS chief. Donald Trump also announced that the person in line to replace the slain leader was also terminated. While this is certainly good news in battling terror Trump gave due credits to the dog who did a great job and got wounded into the raid. And while everyone is praising this K9 dog, there is another heartwarming story of a pup that was rescued from the same spot. The pup's mother died in the raid and Fared Alhor, Syrian media activist posted about the rescue journey to the little one getting a forever home. This thread of puppy rescue is going viral and getting all the love on social media. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killing: Donald Trump Shares Picture of Dog Injured in US Raid That Killed ISIS Chief.

Fared Alhor, a Syrian media activist and photographer shared details about the rescue of this pup. In the US raid, the puppies lost their mother and were left to fend for themselves. Alhor decided to give them a forever home and drove for four hours into the Barisha village. He also posted a video showing the little one kept in a box and later revealed its name too. The rescued pup is being called Bebo. He posted the updates in a Twitter thread and is being showered with all the love online. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Slain ISIS Chief, Buried at Sea Like Osama bin Laden by US Special Forces

Check Twitter Thread on Rescue of Puppy From US Raid on ISIS Chief:

Here's The Video of The Little Ones:

This thread is getting all the love and everyone is appreciating Fared's efforts to go and get the puppies and giving them a new home.

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It is indeed a beautiful story and in a time when we hear more of animal cruelty and ill-treatment meted out to them, Fareed serves an example of humanity exists. It is a heartwarming story and we hope the pups find a good life.