Social media is a great tool if used effectively. A 80-year-old couple in Delhi struggling to make ends meet and survive in this tough situation of pandemic went viral last night. As other users joined in and made it go viral, this morning people lined up at this local food stall to support them. Pictures and videos of crowds gathering to eat at this stall in Malviya Nagar are now being shared online with #BabaKaDhaba a top trend on Twitter. Such is the power of social media and the old man Baba is grateful to everyone. He has given a wonderful message to support such local vendors in all cities.

This 80-year-old couple were earning their daily bread and butter by running their food stall. But due to the lockdown, their daily earning was affected. In a video that showed their plight, the 80-year-old was teary-eyed because they had no customers. They had prepared all the food but there was no one to sell it too. As the video went viral, people urged others staying in Delhi to visit Baba ka Dhaba and do their bit. Twitter users named Madhur (@ThePlacardGuy) and Ashutosh (iashutosh23) decided to help around the couple as a lot of people gather to eat here today. This morning AAP MLA Somnath Bharti paid a visit to the stall and the pictures showed the same old couple happily smiling. He even tweeted he would take care of them and other similar people. Today, many others have gathered and posting pictures, videos of eating at Baba Ka Dhaba, so much so that #BabaKaDhaba is a top trend on Twitter. Tweet About Sad Dad At Empty Donut Shop in Texas Goes Viral, Twitterati Helps to Spread Happiness.

Here's The First Video That Went Viral:

Check Pics and Videos of People Gathering at Baba Ka Dhaba:

AAP MLA Paying a Visit

Before and After

Here's a Video of People Gathering Outside Their Stall

YouTuber Harsh Beniwal Came to Support Too

So Much Love!

Sums it Up!

Seeing all this lovely response within a day, Baba was left with a smile. He gave a positive message to everyone asking everyone to help similar local vendors in their respective areas.

Check it Here:

It is indeed beautiful to see Baba and his wife smiling today and get such a lovely response. This is an instance that proves social media can do wonders if used effectively. This story gives a larger message that we should step out and support the locals instead. It holds true in not just the case of food but even in other areas. Let us help other such voices who haven't yet reached the internet.

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