Big boobs may seem a blessing to many, but it really isn't for the ones who have to bear the consequences of living with humongous breasts. Recently a woman who works as a waitress is hoping to raise funds to get breast size reduced because of all the trouble her boobs are bringing into her life. Having 36JJ boobs is not an easy part of life for her. She revealed to Daily Mail her woes of having big boobs. She said that sometimes her big breast knock over drinks at work and even have her buttons pooped out, creating embarrassing situations for her time and again.

She revealed that she is fundraising for her breast reduction surgery after she was refused the operation on the NHS due to her BMI. The girl named Carly Smart, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, is looking to her big breast for more than reasons like accindently knocking glasses over. She has shared heartbreaking incidents of her big boobs causing her health issues.  She revealed to Daily Mail that she has beenexperiences painful rashes that turn her skin "lobster red" and "smell like rotting flesh". She also shared that she gets excruciating back pain that makes her feel like her spine will "snap like a match stick". Recently an Australian woman with ‘Four Breasts’ regretted getting a boob job at discounted rates. The graphic designer blew her five years of life savings to boost her bust from 34C to DD.

Carly also expressed her dream of having a breast reduction before her wedding this August. She is fundraising for a £1,500 deposit to secure the £7,000 procedure.  If you want bigger boobs you MUST consult an expert. In 2019 a woman's botched up breast implants turned them into 'rocks'! Know about Capsular Contracture, that is one of the most common issues faced by people who get their implants done.

She said to Daily Mail: "Even though I'm only 21, I feel like I've lost so much of my youth because I can't move like other people, it does affect my day-to-day life. It physically hurts. Under my boobs I get extreme rashes and they are really painful. It goes to the point where my skin is lobster red." Carly also revealed how she was not very enthused about setting up a GoFundMe page for her breast reduction surgery. She reveals: "I was very reluctant to set up a GoFundMe because it is like a charity and I felt bad because everyone's telling me "This is a cosmetic surgery". I just felt guilty because it was like "Hey, give me money so I can have a boob job", and it obviously wasn't exactly that."

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