In an utterly shocking incident, a boy in Indonesia was lifted into the air by a giant kite and fell to the ground in front of a crowd. A horrific video of the incident that is going viral shows the boy in the air and then falling 30 feet down. It happened in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung on December 1. The video was captured from a distance. The crowd standing below can be heard screaming in horror and the kite snaps and the boy falls to the ground. A similar incident had happened in Taiwan when a little girl fell to the ground from 100 feet from a giant kite.

The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital with a broken arm. He had fractured his arm in six places, according to Pringsewi Child Protection Agency. Reportedly, the boy's brother said that at the time of the accident, the kite was being flown by one of their siblings. The video has gone viral with people talking about the dangers of such acts. Uttar Pradesh: Four-Year-Old Boy Falls Into Open Borewell in Kulpahar.

Boy Gets Carried Away by Kite in Indonesia:

In Taiwan, the incident had happened at a kite festival in Nanlioao. She was holding onto a large orange kite when the wind took her high in the air. In the video, her parents could be heard shrieking as she was taken up by the wind. The three-year-old was taken up by 100 feet but the wind and she landed on the ground. The girl was in the air for just 30 seconds. She was taken to the hospital and was relieved after treatment for minor injuries.

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