Boyfriend Ate Kit Kat The Wrong Way, Twitter Advises Girl to Dump Him
Kit-Kat chocolate (Photo credits: Twitter/byrdinator and Facebook)

There are some unsaid rules of doing certain things and whenever something does otherwise, they are grilled! A similar thing happened when a girl uploaded a picture of the way her boyfriend eats the chocolate Kit Kat. Almost everyone breaks the chocolate sticks apart and eats them than biting on the whole bars as one. But her boyfriend chose to do otherwise, he took a bite out of all the four sticks. No sooner the girl uploaded the picture on Twitter, she was hounded with the suggestions of breaking up with him.

Haley Byrd from Washington took to Twitter with a picture of how her boyfriend ate the Kit Kat bars. Her boyfriend apparently claimed that he had never had the chocolate before, as per her caption. Her boyfriend's way of eating Kit Kat annoyed people on the internet too much. So what was a mock test for Byrd turned into a troll fest!

Take a look at Haley Byrd's tweet about her boyfriend eating Kit-Kat:

Haley herself was left laughing at his attempt and he was clueless. In the next tweet she wrote, "he had no idea why I laughed so hard. oh sweet summer child." But well, she had no idea what was coming next for her.

Look at how people on Twitter reacted: 

Break-up woman! 

Trollers began their work 

And there were supporters to her in case of a break-up!

While people were already making fun and discussing how wrong it was of her boyfriend, another user but another unsettling image on the thread.

Among all the jokes and break up suggestions given to her, Hayley also found a couple of good supporters. One lady said, she's married to a guy who ate his Kit Kat the same way, only they don't talk about it. It is no make-or-break situation for a relationship about one's choice or maybe a mistake of eating chocolate. And Hayley stood by it. 'Internet — I appreciate your feedback. But Kit Kat crime aside, @EvanWilt_ is a keeper,' she wrote.