New Delhi, July 19: Following an uproar on Twitter demanding to boycott Cadbury products, after a screenshot of website indicating that the company uses beef in its products went viral, the British MNC on Monday clarified that the viral screenshot is not related to Mondelez- its owner company- or Cadbury products manufactured in India. It further stated that all products manufactured and sold in India are 100 per cent vegetarian. Adding that the green dot on the wrapper signifies that. ‘Beef Is India’s National Dish’, Says BJP Candidate Banendra Kumar Mushahary Ahead of Assam Assembly Elections 2021; FIR Lodged on Hindu Group’s Complaint.

"As you can well imagine, negative posts like these, damages consumer confidence in our well-respected and loved brands. We request our consumers to please verify facts related to our products before sharing them further," Cadbury Dairy Milk said in a tweet. Cow Slaughter Prevention Act Misused, Any Meat Presented as Beef Without Forensic Analysis: Allahabad High Court.

Read Cadbury Dairy Milk's Statement Here: 

The controversy broke out of Twitter after a screenshot of its website saying, "Please note, if any of our products contain gelatine in the ingredients, the gelatine we use is halal certified and derived from beef," went viral prompting people in India to call out for a boycott of Cadbury products. However the company has clarified that the viral screenshot is not related to its products manufactured in India.

The Viral Screenshot That Prompted The Controversy: 

Cadbury is a British multinational company owned by Mondelez International. It is widely popular in India too and hold a large market share. The company has been in the market for almost two centuries, its first manufacturing factory was established by John Cadbury in 1831.

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