Can Cow Urine Cure Cancer? Gomutra Better Than Chemotherapy Says Gujarat University
Can cow urine treat cancer? (Photo credits: Facebook/Gavyamart)

Indian citizens have witnessed some of the weirdest claims by several politicians. It becomes a laughing stock when a statement is made which sounds totally baseless. A recent study finding revealed by a team of researchers does sound bizarre. A team of  Biotechnology scientists at Junagadh Agriculture University have apparently found a cure for cancer and it lies in cow's urine! According to them, cow urine or Gomutra can be a better treatment than chemotherapy for curing the deadliest disease of cancer.

The research team from the university have said their attempt to kill cancer cells with the help of cow urine was successful. And it also states that cow urine can cure most types of common cancers including those of mouth, cervix, lungs, kidney, skin and breast. Assistant professors Shraddha Bhatt and Rukamsinh Tomar and research fellow Kavita Joshi conducted the experiments for a year to find a correct measure against cancer. According to Bhatt, "This research was very risky because we directly experimented on cancer cells procured in a bottle. We found the exact quantity of cow urine required to kill particular number of cancer cells in a day." Woman Drinks Her Dog’s Urine; Claims That It Cleared Her Acne (Watch Video)

In the next step of the research, they will test their findings on a rat and if they are successful then the respective pills would be developed. “Chemotherapy kills healthy cells too while cow urine only kills infected cells,” according to Rukamsinh Tomar. The oral pills will be made consisting of cow urine which will get rid of the carcinogenic cells. But while there are years of research being done into the malignant disease, we cannot be sure about this report. Chemotherapy is not an easy measure but the most obvious cure for treating cancer and cow urine cannot be a guaranteed measure of the cure.