Cat Climbs Into Box; Accidentally Posted 700 Miles Away in Canada
Cat (Photo Credits: Unsplash/Representational Image)

A cat that accidentally climbed into an old box was mistaken to be a post and sent 700 miles away. Baloo, a tabby cat from Nova Scotia ended up in Montreal much to the worry of its owners. The cat got inside a Purolator parcel with tire rims and spend 17 hours on a road trip to Montreal.

Baloo's owner Jacqueline Lake said, "He got under, so he wasn't on top. He had gotten in through the little hole of the rim down into the bottom of the box." The cat only came to notice when the Purolator office in Montreal grew suspicious seeing the box. The driver saw some urine in the truck's back and check the box. The company informed the nearest Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Cat Shares Some Fitness Goals While Doing Sit-Ups Underneath a Car! Watch the Cutest Workout Video.

Baloo back at home!

Anita Kapuscinska of the Montreal SPCA, "They asked if they can bring us the cat to us, of course, we said yes. As soon as he came to us, we had him checked by our vets and we've been taking care of him ever since."

The SPCA found out the cat's owner in Nova Scotia with the Purolator tracking code. Kapuscinska said, "Of course she was extremely surprised and extremely relieved when she spoke to us – when she found out that he was found – because she had posters up everywhere, all over social media." Volunteers with Freedom Drivers, a non-profit that transports animals have taken Baloo home. Lake said, "To actually have him be okay and coming back to me, I'm so thankful, I'm so thankful."