Cat's Tail is Shaved For Surgery, Netizens Say it Looks Like a Penis (Watch Viral Video)
Cat with shaved tail (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

A poor cat suffering from some injury has become a joke on the internet instead of getting some sympathy. It so happened, that a pet cat named Aslan got into a fight and got injured at the tip of his tail. The cat had to undergo a surgery for which the vets shaved his entire tail. The sight of the furless tail has left netizens in splits as it looks much like a penis. Cat owner Don shared a video of Aslan with his tail entirely shaved and it is now going crazy viral. People are leaving funny reactions as a lot of them interpret it is a long penis on a cat's behind! Cat Saves Baby’s Life in the Most Dramatic Way! Watch Viral Video of Infant Being Saved From Falling off a Flight of Stairs.

Twitter user Don Sutherland posted a video of his pet cat Aslan who had just undergone a surgery. But what he did not expect is people laughing at his cat and making sexual innuendos. The bare tail is being compared to a penis by some netizens, which has left others laughing. This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral, Watch Cute Clip.

Watch Video of Cat With Its Tail Shaved:

Don't say we didn't warn you. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. The video is going viral, with over 10 million views. Don did not expect the video will blow up like this. Check some of the reactions on Twitter.

Calling it an Elephant!

No, a Penis!

Can't Unsee!

Uh Oh!

That's a Hairless Tail?

Can't Stroke Cat's Tail Again

Talking about Aslan's injury, he told UNILAD, "He got in a fight, and they had to fix up the tip of his tail. It wasn’t too bad, only the tip was effected, I’m not sure why they shaved the entire thing." He added that the cat would be fine in a week's time.