The craziest things have happened in the world BUT this incident, in particular, will blow your mind. We are talking about a bride who wore her wedding dress to have sex with another guy. After receiving a crazy internet response for her actions, a Chinese bride-to-be who disguised up in her wedding gown to have sex with another guy on the eve of her wedding ceremony has been forced to go into hiding. The incident featuring graphic details betrayed trust, and heartache for families hit a deep nerve on mainland social media and sparked online reflection on the sacredness of marriage. Just recently, a shocking viral video of a bride cheating on her groom-to-be with her brother-in-law has garnered plenty of reactions from social media users. Initially posted in 2019, it has resurfaced to stir up this debate and shock the internet!

The woman's actions came to light when the other male, who goes by the online handle Xiaobailong, which translates to "Little White Dragon" in English, made public their explicit online sexual talks "to show off his talent to charm," according to the news site Following the widespread distribution of the explicit posts online, the woman, who goes by the last name Wu, received an onslaught of online criticism.

On November 9, a friend informed Wu's groom, who resides in Zhangjiajie in the Hunan Province in central China, of the betrayal on the eve of the couple's wedding ceremony (they had previously registered their marriage legally).  Another video that recently in India went viral saw Jija Sali 'kiss' in front of bride and it is the cringiest viral video you will see on the internet. It shows the bride and the groom comfortably sitting post jaimala ritual when one of the groom's sisters-in-law feeds him sweets, followed by accidentally kissing him!

The distraught husband said that he had filed for divorce and reported the incident to the police "to safeguard his rights." Two days before the wedding, the bride spoke with Xiaobailong, a man she had previously had several sexual encounters with, and showed him pictures of herself wearing the wedding gown while revealing her new address.

Then, barely 24 hours before the wedding, Xiaobailong suggested they have sex the following day. Wu accepted. Then, a cocky Xiaobailong boastfully revealed his conversation with Wu to a WeChat group, responding to a member who inquired about what would happen if Wu became pregnant by saying, "It's none of my business who will be the father."

Following the release of images of Wu and her husband, the treacherous bride fled the city as the online and local public outcry of condemnation escalated. The groom said that the controversy had a significant negative impact on his health and required hospitalisation. According to, his mother was also admitted to the hospital after being ill as a result of the embarrassment.

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