Christmas brings along a lot of emotions to people, everything from memories of childhood, parties, family, food and the good times of life. Everyone like the festive season and indulges in celebrations. However, the holiday season brings out the best and worst in people and you get to how different people celebrate the festival. From different cultures, traditions, practices and customs, Christmas is observed differently across countries. However, what brings people together are the celebrations and festivities. And as we inch closer to Christmas 2019, we take a look at seven kinds of people we meet during the festivities.

As Christmas approaches, you are sure to find different kinds of people with varying likes and dislikes. While some may only talk about attending parties the other will get their chef's hat on. They there are the house party organisers, the emotional ones and the non-observes. Check out our list of different types of people during Christmas below and let us know if you have more additions to it. Christmas 2019: From Bethlehem to Zurich, 5 Cities to Witness Varying XMas Celebrations.

1. The Foodie

Christmas is synonymous to Christmas to this person. They will take you to every food joint, restaurants and street corners which has Christmas-special food. Food brings joy and happiness to them and hence festivals are their favourite time of the season. Christmas 2019 Healthy Recipes: Dig Into These Decadent, Gluten-Free Desserts This Holiday Season.

2. Over-Excited One!

This person begins preparations two months before Christmas. They can only think of things related to the festivity and the energy is so much that everyone around them also gets pumped up. How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Christmas? Tips for Hosting a Green Christmas Party 2019.

3. The Party Pooper

Are you excited about Christmas? Then stay away from the party poopers. They will not only ruin the fun but end up spoil your mood. Every party or occasion has one of their kind, no matter what.

4. The Party Lover

People of this clan wait the entire year just for this the holiday season to begin. And there is no one more excited than them. They can be rightly called party hoppers and throughout the holiday season, they find one of the other reason to party.

5. The Gift Giver/Santa Claus

Secret Santa brings them joy like no one else as if giving gifts is their weakness. They won't mind spending for Christmas gifts and infact they wait for it. Their secret babies are the luckiest, we tell you. Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas: Healthy and Unique Presents for the Wellness Fanatics in Your Life!

6. The Non-Observer

Going by facts, figures and history, this person will explain it to you why Christmas is overrated. The holiday season hardly brings any excitement and those who have grand celebrations in place for Christmas are requested to stay away from this breed. Infact, they don't understand the celebrations at all.

7. The Emotional One

Every friend circle has this friend and they shed a tear at every get-together. They are overwhelmed by sweet gestures and thankful for the life. They are always grateful and it is a blessing to have one such person in your life.

Do you identify yourselves as any of the personalities above? Or do you think any of your friends match the personalities mentioned above? Do let us known what you think and we would like to know about more types of Christmas celebrators you know. Meanwhile, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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