With Christmas being less than a month away, people's excitement has simply increased manifold. While every year the festival calls for large scale celebrations every year, this time due to COVID-19 pandemic induced situation, the meaning of festivities has changed. With it being more than a year since COVID-19 begun, people have learnt to celebrate observances and festivals while keeping restrictions and guidelines in mind. And as Christmas 2020 approaches, people have started to erect statues and effigies of Santa Claus wearing facemasks. Also chocolates, candies and facemasks of Christmas Father are available in the markets being COVID0-19 ready. As people excitedly wait for December 25, we bring to you some photos of Santa Claus wearing facemask. Christmas 2020 Virtual Celebration Ideas: From Online Secret Santa to Cocktail Party Night, 5 Ways to Celebrate X'Mas This Year.

These statues not only look ready for the current situation, but also encouraging people to follow safety tips. People also took to social media platforms sharing pictures of chocolates, cupcakes and candies in the shape of Santa Claus, but wearing a facemask. Christmas midnight masses and many other celebratory events have been cancelled due to coronavirus, but let's not reduce our festive spirit and have a great time with our family and dear ones. Christmas 2020 Decoration Ideas With DIY Videos: From Paper Stars, Shiny Christmas Bells to Colourful Stockings, Here Are Simple Ways to Make Your Xmas Tree Ornaments For This Festive Season.

Chocolates of Santa Claus Wearing Facemasks:

Santa Claus Chocolates Wearing Facemask (Photo Credits: Rimóczi-Art Csokoládé Grillázs Szalon Facebook)

Chocolates of Santa Claus wearing facemasks have increasingly become popular in the recent times. Rimóczi-Art Csokoládé Grillázs Szalon, a bakery in Hungary shared their confectionaries for the Christmas season on Facebook

Not Without My Mask!

Christmas 2020 Tree Props:

Santa Who Knows the Rules!


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COVID-19 Ready Santas!

Smartest Santa in Town!


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While we celebrate Christmas 2020 this year, let's be ensured we follow all norms of celebrating it during a pandemic. Let's be responsible and celebrate the day keeping the restrictions in mind. Meanwhile, you can share these pictures of Santa Claus and create awareness on following guidelines.

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