Confused Texan Woman Tries to Pay With Toy Credit Card and Makes a Call From Fake Phone When It Doesn’t Work (Funny Video Goes Viral)
Woman tries to pay with toy card (Photo Credits: Video grab)

A woman in Texas has become a laughing stock on the internet after she tried to pay her bill of goods from a 7-Eleven store with a toy credit card. And if that wasn't enough, she even tried to make a phone call from a toy phone to someone. The entire confounded situation of this woman was captured on video and shared online. Soon enough, her goof up went viral. It was both a toy card and toy phone but the woman did not want to believe it. Thief in Queensland Enters Store Wearing a Shopping Bag to Hide His Face, Video Goes Viral.

The incident took place at the 7-Eleven store in San Antonio, where a female had bought a few products but struggled to understand why she could not pay from the card. The red coloured toy card read Credit Card and had the name 'L. M. SMART' and a fake number. A man around questioned if the card was even real, when the store manager asked him to swipe and check. The card obviously did not and he was left laughing. But the woman could not figure what was wrong anyway. Man's Hilarious Attempt to Rob Colorado Store As His Gun and Pants Drop Is Going Viral (Watch Video).

Watch The Video of Woman Using Toy Card to Make Payment:

The female gave out a second fake card when the first one didn't work. "It's not a real debit card, that's what I'm trying to tell you. Where did you get that from?" the store manager can be heard saying. The antics did not stop there, she pulled out an orange phone from her hand and tried to call someone. It was a toy phone and she again could not comprehend what was happening. The store manager eventually asked her to leave. But it is not clear why the woman was behaving this way and what happened to the purchase later. However, the video which caught it all has been going viral on all social media platforms.