CWC 2019 Funny Memes: From Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Yawning to Yuzvendra Chahal’s Pose, Revisiting ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 With Most Hilarious Jokes and Memes
CWC 2019 Memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ended with England defeating New Zealand in a thriller, which will be remembered for years. The match went to the super over and when even that got tied, the winner was decided based on boundary count. Can you believe it? However, at the end of one and half month-long tournament, we have a winner and lots and lots of memes. Yes, memes and jokes kept fans and followers of the game quite busy throughout the competition. From Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed’s yawning moment to non-stop digs at ICC for rain-spoiled matches, ICC World Cup 2019 was full of funny memes and hilarious tweets. New Zealand vs England, ICC CWC 2019 Stat Highlights: ENG Becomes Third Host Nation to Win the Cricket World Cup, Beats NZ on Boundary Count.

The CWC 2019 has had an umpteen number of sporting moments which one can’t easily forget. However, there have been funny moments, too, in and out of the field, during the course of the tournament, which are still afresh in everyone’s minds. The advent of social media has seen a lot of funny messages, picture messages, and hilarious memes go viral in no time. In this edition of World Cup 2019 too, there have been a fair share of memes and viral messages that have been sent and forwarded on WhatsApp, Facebook, and elsewhere. How And Why England Won ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Against New Zealand Despite Match and Super Over Being A Tie? Here's What Rules Say.

1. Here’s that started before the World Cup 2019:

2. Given how the rain has played spoilsport in World Cup 2019

3. Remember her, or her?

4. Or remember him?

5. Well, who can forget him?

6. When Sanju met Sarfraz!

7. We are sure this message did come on your WhatsApp, 100%

8. Pakistani fans after seeing rain qualifying for semis with 8 points!

9. Okay, enough of India vs Pakistan memes

10. When a fan stirred the entire national team on live TV!

11. Ravindra Jadeja, who sat out of the first-choice playing XI majorly!

12. Remember, Chahal is EVERY-DAMN-WHERE!

13. And This is How England Won The World Cup

The exciting quadrennial event comes to an end. While the final result did leave fans with a mixed feeling, one cannot rule out the overall experience. The 12th edition of Cricket World Cup will be long remembered, especially by England who not only hosted the great competition but also won it. Congratulations, England.