Dan Bilzerian’s Viral Video of Feeding a Grizzly Bear at House Party Goes Viral Says He ‘Loves Animals’ After PETA’s Complain
Dan Bilzerian (Photo Credits:Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

Social media celebrity, Dan Bilzerian, is extremely popular. While he has been known to have an extravagant life full of money, women, travel, etc., the list doesn't end there. His life also includes controversial elements such as rare animals, legal cases and arms. Dan Bilzerian's Instagram is totally lit that expresses his playboy image completely. However, this time Dan Bilzerian has fallen into another pickle, and it involves PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which is an American animal rights organisation. PETA is criticising Dan Bilzerian for feeding a bear at a house party following a video of him doing so went viral. The 38-year-old "King of Instagram" hand-fed a Kodiak bear while party-goers watched him do so during a 4/20 party last week. According to PEOPLE, The bear had been brought to the party by Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife. The video was posted on Dan Bilzerian's Instagram which boasts of 26.8m followers. The video has already garnered a whopping 15,174,518 views on Instagram and over thousands of comments. Hottest Dan Bilzerian Pictures & Videos on Instagram: The Social Media 'Playboy' Shares His Most Popular Posts of Last Year. 

Take a look at the video of Dan Bilzerian feeding a bear:


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However, the social media star said that he loves animals and doesn’t harm them for sport to PEOPLE after PETA sent letters to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the L.A. Department of Animal Services. The letter complained that "Bilzerian and Martin hadn’t obtained the right permits for the event. They also said that the bear was too close to onlookers." TMZ first obtained the letter.