Ever since the supposed crowning of Sara Milliken, a plus-size model, as Miss Alabama 2024 - the internet has never been the same. Crazy controversy has erupted on social media, and outrage quickly spread among users, with many criticizing the decision, claiming it promoted "unhealthy lifestyles." Some even compared her victory to awarding a prize to a "chain smoker" and drew parallels to the recent crowning of a trans woman as Miss Maryland USA, labelling both titles as "fake awards." However, the real Miss Alabama 2024 is Diane Westhoven. Yes, the confusion has been cleared now:

Meet real Miss Alabama 2024 - Diane Westhoven

Diane Westhoven, Miss Alabama USA 2024, is a 21-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, and a senior at Auburn University, majoring in Psychology. Driven by a passion for health and wellness, Diane aspires to become a physician assistant, aiming to help others feel confident both physically and emotionally. Her ultimate goal is to serve as a counsellor for young women, making a positive impact on their overall health.

Miss Alabama USA 2024 Diane Westhoven


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Sara Milliken - Backlash and Online Harassment

The backlash reached new heights following Milliken's interview with WKRG, a TV station in Mobile, Alabama. Online attacks targeted the station, the reporter, and Milliken herself, with Facebook becoming a hotbed for vicious comments.

Sara Milliken's Stand

Amid the uproar, Sara Milliken took to her official Facebook page to defend herself. In a heartfelt post, she wrote: "The things that have been said about me are truly disgusting, and I cannot fathom how people think it's okay to say these things. I could give up, hide my face, and stop posting on social media. But instead, I say, WATCH ME. Watch me serve my community, give my all into preparing for nationals, and show every single hater why a plus-size woman can and should be a titleholder."


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Understanding Pageant Standards

The controversy has highlighted a significant misunderstanding about different beauty pageants and their criteria. Miss USA, for example, emphasizes swimsuit and sportswear contests, focusing on physical silhouettes. In contrast, Miss America, which does not include a swimsuit segment, focuses on talent shows and physical fitness presentations.

Her determination and defiant response to the criticism has already made an impact, challenging stereotypes and promoting greater acceptance of diverse body types in the beauty world.

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