Do you Consume Fake-E-News? UP Police Tweets Iconic Deewar Dialogue To Spread Awareness and 'Khush toh Bahut Honge Tum' After Reading it
UP Police have tweeted a witty message regarding fake news (Photo credits: Twitter/Uppolice)

The fake news problem has gripped the entire nation. With hoax messages and videos being forwarded on social media and messaging sites, it is a mammoth of a task to curb the problem at a go. The police are constantly trying their best to deal with the problem and creating awareness about the false information remains one of the basic steps. While we have the Mumbai Police always doing their best to pass on any message with the help of a meme trend, the UP Police too, seem to be seeking inspiration. Their tweet on fake news uses an iconic dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan from the film Deewar. Chai Pe Lo Aunty Inspires Mumbai Police’s Tweet, ‘Hello Fraaands! Helmet Pehan Lo to Have a Safe-Tea at Home!’

The UP Police's Twitter handle posted a picture of Amitabh Bachchan and Iftekhar from the famous scene and dialogue of the movie, "Me aaj bhi feke hue paise nahi uthata" to "Me aaj bhi Fake-e hui khabar nahi failata" (I do not spread fake news). The message is clear to not spread fake news and get real. But the implementation is witty and will connect with the younger audience. Not just that, in the caption they use another dialogue "Khush toh bahut honge..." to signify they'd be happy if people understood that rumours are dangerous and life-threatening.

Check out the tweet by UP Police about fake news:

Similar tweets and meme trends have been used by the social media account of Mumbai police, always winning the hearts of the people. In a time when we read a lot of stories about lynching due to forwarded messages on WhatsApp, such awareness is of utmost importance. We like the way UP Police smartly modified the famous dialogue to encourage, not spreading of fake news.