‘Do You Wash Your Legs When You Take a Shower?’ Question Has Twitter Divided! Read Funny Tweets
'Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?' memes (Photo Credits: Twitter and Pexels)

Sometimes the simplest questions can make you wreck your brain forever, and the most casual questions can take you a while to answer. The social media is abuzz with one such casual question that seems to have divided the internet. People have the most complicated and weird answers to that question and it is amazing! The question is "Do you wash your legs when you take bath?" The way of taking a bath in the question is by using a shower considering many people in India and other parts of the world also use buckets full of water or bathtubs for bathing. It all started when a Twitter poll by writer/editor Conor Arpwel asked 6000 followers of his: "Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?" The Twitter poll received over 800,000 votes. The answers are not just divided but supremely hilarious as well. Believe it or not, 20 percent of the respondents answered the question saying that they don't go below the middle of their body when cleaning themselves. Moreover, you'll be surprised to know that the question,' which way you face when you are taking a shower?' has also left people giving all kinds of weird answers.

Take a look at some of the most hilarious tweets that had people Rolfing

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The poll went viral in no time, so much so that Arpwel had to release a statement on Twitter: "Leg washing is an important component of my cleanliness regimen, but also I'm not out to get people who don't wash their legs for various reasons. I only meant for this whole thing to be a fun and frivolous topic of conversation."