People are not as unique as they want to believe. There have many accounts, when you are just strolling in the park, and suddenly alarmed by seeing someone who resembles a friend of yours. Besides, celebrity doppelgangers are proof that your features are not entirely yours. A TikTok user recently revealed how her boyfriend, so astoundingly, looks like the English singer, Ed Sheeran. Woah! Flattering right? The video has naturally gone viral, leaving netizens in shook. That same beard texture, ginger hair and that smile, for a good long moment, you are bound to believe that it is the Shape of You singer. This Dog's Pic Confuses Twitterati; Netizens Cannot Decide Which Celebrity It Resembles. 

Celebrity doppelgangers have the innate ability to blow your minds. Every single time! A person who likes like another person—the thought of it is so simple, but when you see, it is so fascinating. Over the past, we came across many celebrity lookalikes. For popular Hollywood actors/ actresses to musicians, to models, not everyone is spared. In the past too, we have seen not one, but many redhead doppelgangers of Ed Sheeran, and it blew our mind, every single time, just like the latest one on TikTok. Priyanka Chopra Lookalikes in Abundance on Social Media: Model Megan Milan Joins the List of Doppelgangers of Indian Actress. 

TikTok user, @edsheerandounble, has dedicated her video-sharing platform to show off how her boyfriend resembles the Perfect singer. There are a lot of videos, highlighting the similarity between the two. Her videos usually receive thousands of views. But it was not until the latest clip, where the TikTok user participates in ‘I look like a celebrity check’ challenge. The video received more than 16 million views, and the count is on, with above 3 million likes and thousands of comments. Meet Saurabh Gade, Virat Kohli’s Celebrity Lookalike, Who Is As Busy As the Indian Captain. 

Watch the Video!

@edsheerandoubleyes or no ? ##myfriend ##lookslike ##lookalike♬ original sound - krisssy_d

The thin, side-swept red hair, medium-cropped beard, the distant, uneasy stare, everything is there. There are more videos that will blow your mind as to how similar they look.

This Is Far Too Accurate!

@edsheerandouble♬ Originalton - edsheerandouble

With that intense resemblance, the TikTok videos were bound to go viral. It is not known if the singer came across his new doppelganger or not. But if @edsheerandounble TikTok videos keep getting such humongous response, her boyfriend might go just as popular as our real Ed Sheeran!

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