Elephant Enters Cookhouse And Breaks Door; Twitterati Says The Jumbo Took The Phrase 'Elephant in the Room' Quite Seriously (Watch Video)
Elephant enters cookhouse (Photo Credits: @ragarwal Twitter)

A video of an elephant raiding a cookhouse has gone viral on social media. The clip shows the elephant inside a room looking for eatables. People in the background can be heard saying that the jumbo will finish all the eatables. It seems the animal was eating vegetables kept inside a plastic bag. People can be heard telling the elephant to not cause damage, but the animal seems to be in the mood to listen to humans. The video has been viewed more than 12,700 times in less than hours. As it went viral, a Twitter user commented, "The clip is of cookhouse unit in Madukkarai (Coimbatore) sir."

A Twitter user Rohit Agarwal shared it with the caption, "An elephant got into a unit cookhouse - somewhere in the Eastern Sector." As the video went viral, Twitterati reacted hilariously to the incident. One of the comments read, "Literally: If 'Elephant in the Room' has a picture. Another Twitter user writes, "Haha...someone instructed the cute elephant to not to break the door. He just slipped away quickly."

Elephant Hunting For Food Inside a Cookhouse:

People who have encountered similar incidents in their life tweeted their experiences too. One of them tweeted saying, "I have lived in the eastern sector and have numerous memories. One elephant just destroyed the makeshift garage. Such adventurous life it was."

Here's What Twitterati Had to Say About The Video:

Which The Elephant Was in No Mood to Listen to:

Seems To be Normal to Many:


Cookhouse Welcomes Its Intruders Too:

That's Worrying!

Elephant Was There With a Mission!

Too Many of Them Have Experienced The Same:

It seems to be a regular occurrence in residential areas near forest regions. People seem to acquainted with elephants entering their settlement. While the video has generated hilarious reactions on social media, we are not sure if the mammoth caused any serious damages.