The crisis of Coronavirus pandemic is rising with more and more infected patients around the world. Among the worst-hit countries is Italy where the death toll is spiking with over 7,500 dead! The figures are worrisome and adding to the fear are the fake news that has been doing the rounds on social media. A lot of fake photos are being shared online, targetting the situation of Coronavirus in Italy right now. A picture of people lying on hospital beds which are kept on the roadside is being shared online with a claim that they are patients from Italy. More such photos are being shared on Facebook. While the pictures are real, the claim that they are COVID-19 patients from Italy is fake. These pictures are from Croatia, where a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck on March 22. Fact Check: Did Italian Doctor Couple Die After Treating Coronavirus Patients? Know Truth Behind Viral Photo Showing Them Share a Last Kiss.

A Facebook post has shared a set of pictures which show patients lying on hospital beds which are on the roadside. There are other pictures too which shows people wrapped in blankets sitting at the roadside. It says the patients are forced to be on the roadside because there is lack of space in hospitals. The photos are really heartbreaking but the context given to them is fake. However, these pictures are from Croatia, which was rattled by a strong earthquake on Sunday, March 22. At least one person was reported dead and several injured. The pictures have been used in reports about this earthquake news. Fact Check: Did Italian Prime Minister or President Cry on Camera Amid Coronavirus Pandemic? Here's Truth Behind Viral Picture Post.

Check The Fake Claim About Patients From Italy Treated on Roadside:

Check The Facebook Post Which Has More Pics:

These pictures are used to spread fear among people on the internet. The pictures are from Croatia, an aftermath of the severe earthquake. So if you come across them as being patients from Italy, please inform the person about the truth of these images. A lot of fake news is being passed on social media these days taking advantage of the fear in people's mind. But we urge everyone to not pass on anything without confirming its authenticity.

Fact check

Fact Check: Coronavirus Patients in Italy Lying on Hospital Beds and Treated Roadside? Know Truth Behind Photos From Earthquake in Croatia
Claim :

Italian Coronavirus patients treated on the roadside due to lack of space in hospitals.

Conclusion :

The photos are from Croatia after an earthquake last week.

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