The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with much simplicity this year. The welcoming of Ganpati Bappa into people's homes was very simple without any traditional dhol, tasha or musical instruments. But an old video of a grand welcoming of Lord Ganpati by the Maratha Light Infantry at Kargil is shared online. The video claims it is the "Maratha light infantry welcoming Ganpati Bappa in Kargil on Ganesh Chaturthi" along with hashtags of #GaneshChaturthi2020. However, it is a false claim. The video is very much true but it is not from this year. The video being shared online is from last year's Ganeshotsav celebrations. Mumbai's Lalbaugcha Raja First Look 2020 Fake Message Goes Viral on WhatsApp Ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi; Here is the Video That is Going Viral.

The festival of Ganeshotsav is ongoing and people are observing it in much simplicity in times of coronavirus crisis. A video of army celebrations of Ganeshotsav has been shared over Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp over the last few days. It shows the infantry playing dhol and tasha, along with others performing the traditional dance in sync to the beats. The soldiers are seen enthusiastically dancing in the welcoming of Lord Ganesha. However, as appealing as it is, it is not from this year. An old video from last year has resurfaced and being passed along. Also to note, none of them are seen wearing masks or maintaining social distancing. Ladakh Union Territory Twitter Handle Name Changed to Gilgit-Baltistan, Ladakh (U.T)? PIB Debunks Fake Claims, Here’s the Truth.

Check The Tweets Here:

Maratha Infantry Welcoming Bappa

Electrifying Atmosphere

Another One

As some believe it is from this year, a search on YouTube takes you to a video from last year's celebrations.

Watch The Original Video Here:

So as lovely and electrifying as it looks, it is not from this year's celebrations. This year, everyone is holding simple celebrations. If you have got this video over your WhatsApp with the claim that it is from Ganeshotsav 2020, do bring it to their notice the truth behind it. It is very easy to pass on fake claims with old videos but it is also a duty as an aware citizen to bring it to people's notice.

Fact check

Viral Video of Maratha Light Infantry Welcoming Ganapati Bappa in Kargil is NOT From Ganesh Chaturthi 2020, Here's The Truth About Old Clip
Claim :

Maratha light infantry welcoming Ganpati Bappa in Kargil on Ganesh Chaturthi 2020

Conclusion :

It is a false claim, the video is from 2019 and not this year.

Full of Trash

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