Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert From the Golden Globes Gives Tips to Photobomb Perfectly
Kelleth Cuthbert- Fiji water girl (Photo Credit: Screengrab Youtube/ Cuparb)

If you haven't been under a rock from the last few days, you will know of the 31-year-old Canadian model Kelleth Cuthbert who went viral at the Golden Globes this year. Kelleth was one of four models who was dressed in a blue dress and was hired to hand out water on the Golden Globes red carpet. Her pictures of photobombing almost all the pictures taken during the Golden Globe red carpet went viral recently. She unexpectedly became immensely popular overnight. However, she insists that the photobombing wasn't intentional. However, she recently featured in a video wherein she gave out tips for photobombing correctly. Golden Globes Photobomber AKA Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Inspires HILARIOUS Memes. 

She began the tips with a small introduction of herself and her claim to fame. Kelleth says, 'Hi, I'm Kelleth Cuthbert. You might recognise me from some memes this year, perhaps?' in the video shared by the Glamour magazine just hours after the Golden Globes.

Here are the tips the Fiji water girl have to photobomb any photo perfectly

1. Her first tip is to make 'sultry eye contact', she says you must keep sultry eye contact with the camera. She also demonstrated how to do eye contact like that. She says, "You just want to creep over, always make eye contact, keep it sultry, It's all about the looks, the sultry looks. The Blue Steel!"

2. In a more comic second tip, she said talked about the props and said that you must keep the props visible. She is quoted saying, "If you're holding something, you want to keep it visible. Keep the shoulders kind of cheated to the camera."

3. For the third tip, Kelleth talks about smiling towards the camera and look pleasant. "You just have to look pleasant toward the camera. You know, give them some eyes," she says in the video.

4. And finally, she talks about posing. She asks you to keep a little room to pose for the perfect photobomb. She says, "You have to have a little bit of room, you know? A little room to pose, bust out the moves. A little over-the-shoulder."

Take a look at the complete video of Kelleth Cuthbert giving away photobombing tips.

These tips were curated to be funny, and they were. She photobombed the pictures of celebs such as Jim Carrey, Kaley Cuoco, Judy Greer, Nicole Kidman, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dakota Fanning. However, she maintained that it wasn't intentional.