From Indian Family Caught Stealing in Bali Hotel to Mature Bag Meme Boy’s Return, Check Out 7 Videos That Went Insanely Viral This Week
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Internet this week has given a lot of viral moments. A lot! From across the world, we have got so many videos surfacing online. The previous week Rahul Bose’s banana moment has paved way for many more viral clips and the return of Vaibhav Vora aka, Mature Bag Meme boy, it was like a cherry on the top for netizens. The eyes were glued on Twitter and other social media sites as every hour, we had something or the other videos and memes coming up. However, the Indian family who was caught stealing in a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, shamed the netizens, especially travellers from India. However, all well that ends well, because mature bag meme boy returned with another “mature” look guide. Internet was in splits. So, without any further delay, let us check out the seven videos that went insanely viral this week. These Unusual Animal Friendships Will Put You and Your Best Friend to Shame! (Watch Cute Videos). 

1. Indian Family Caught Stealing in Bali Hotel

This video shocked the netizens online. The incident came in right after India’s industrialist Harsh Goenka tweet on information sheet from Hotel Arc-en-Ciel in Gstaad, Switzerland went viral. People online slammed the Swiss hotel for being racist as they asked the Indian tourists to follow certain guidelines that included not being loud in the premises and not steal. But when this Indian family was caught stealing in Bali hotel, the matter worsened. Towels, electronics, decorative pieces, and many other items were tried to steal from the hotel, before the staff stopped the Indian family and began to check their baggage.

2. Pakistan Journalist’s ‘In-Depth’ Reporting Video

This Pakistan journalist won hearts of people online after his “in-depth” reporting video from neck-deep floods went viral. The news anchor Azadar Hussain was from GTV News and managing to stand in the mud water, the reporter was giving his inputs, explaining the horrific situation after the water level of Sindh River in Punjab region increased.

3. New York ‘Single’ Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday

Louise Jean Signore from the Bronx in New York took the internet by storm when she celebrated her 107th birthday. Born on July 31, 1912, the woman’s spirit impressed people online. After being asked the secret of her long life she was quoted in media outlets saying, “never getting married.”

4. Parrot Dancing & Whistling on ‘Aankh Marey’ Song

This was surely one of the most beautiful videos that went viral this week. A Lorikeet Parrot was captured dancing and whistling to the tune of Bollywood’s hit, Aankh Marey from the film Simba. It’s energetic and super cool moves on every beat had outperformed Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan’s dance steps.

5. Mature Bag Meme Boy Returns

After his fashion tip on carrying a leather bag to look mature in college garnered such crazy reactions, Vaibhav Vora came back with another look book video. This time, it was “mature” dressing. His tip for everyday casual look went viral once again and the video surfaced on social media sites like crazy.

6. Woman Sings Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ek Pyar ka Nagma Hai’

People online were mesmerised by the soulful voice of this old woman who was captured singing iconic singer Lata Mangeshkar’s song Ek Pyar ka Nagma Hai from the film Shor. Sitting at the Ranaghat Station in West Bengal, the woman affectionately sings the evergreen song.

7. Monkey Giving Lesson on Water Conservation

In days of severe water crisis worrying people in India, a viral video of a monkey’s common sense taught people a big lesson. After drinking the water, the primate closes the tap, which humans, majority of the times forget. Netizens were smitten by the responsible monkey.

These were the top seven videos that were everywhere on social media this week. Let’s see what the coming week has to offer us, until then use the internet wisely and enjoy your weekend.