Parrot Dancing and Whistling on ‘Aankh Marey’ Is the Best Thing You Will See on the Internet Today (Watch Video)
Parrot Dancing and Whistling on ‘Aankh Marey’ (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @AyeChampa/ Twitter)

The world might not have been this happier and entertained 24*7 if there was no internet. While the gloomy weather in India’s financial capital Mumbai that has halted the busy streets, an adorable video has captivated Twitterati this weekend. A Lorikeet Parrot is captured dancing and whistling on Bollywood’s popular number, Aankh Marey from Simba. The bird’s thrill while grooving is extremely cool and it has surely outperformed Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan’s moves in the song (no offence). With its superb dancing skill and whistling noise, it would be safe to say that the video is the best thing you have seen on the internet today. African Grey Parrot 'Sniper' From Mumbai Talks With Alexa and Calls His Owner. 

The remix version of the song, Aankh Marey, the number is a big hit among fans. Even this parrot seems to be a huge fan now. The viral clip was shared by Twitter user @AyeChampa, who captioned, “My girlfriend sent me this and I think you guys should see it too.” The video shows the parrot walking on the floor, suddenly alarmed by the music played on TV. It flies off and sits on a sofa in front of the television set. Soon the parrot starts dancing and whistling. We are saying it again, you cannot miss this video. Parrot Arrested After It Warned Cocaine Dealers About Brazilian Officers Raiding the Place by Repeatedly Warning 'Mama, Police!'

Watch the Viral Video:

The video has garnered thousands of views, likes and retweets and the numbers seems to only increase. People could not stop praising the bird. Fans even tagged Ranveer Singh asking him to look at the video. Without any doubt, it is the best video surfacing online. Although, we wonder what the Simba actor would have to say, if he ever comes across with parrot’s remarkable moves.