Girlfriend's List of 22 Rules for Her Boyfriend Goes Viral, People Tell Him to Dump Her!
List of rules laid down by girlfriend (Photo credits: Twitter and Creative Commons)

Every relationship has a certain set of unsaid rules to be followed by both the people. Depending from couple to couple, these rules may or may not be present. But in the era of relationships ending quicker than months, a controlling girlfriend made a list of rules that her boyfriend must follow. The list is going viral on the internet and the people have just one suggestion for the guy, "to dump her" or "run away." An anonymous girlfriend's list of 22 rules for her boyfriend leaked on the internet and people are worried about the guy. Chinese Man Lands in Prison After Spending Rs 70 Crore On His Girlfriend. 

The rules seem more like a contract and that too a stringent one. The list included things like 'Not having any single girls phone number', 'Not looking at single girls', 'Not taking more than 10 minutes to text back.' The girl's list has indeed horrified people on the internet, expressing pity for the guy. Parts of the list have been highlighted in different colours and smileys, with every "Not" being underlined so that he would not forget.

Check the list of rules laid down by a girlfriend for her boyfriend:

The list sure seems bizarre and the girl is having extreme insecurity. Her rules exhibit her controlling nature. People on Twitter were stunned by the list and commented that the guy should just leave the girl. While one of them commented "Run," another person on the internet said, "A classic example of what abusive behaviour in women can look like. This isn’t cute or sweet or just for anyone’s own good, this is controlling." While some others said the guy could have cheated and this is what he is paying back with. Well, what do you think about this list of rules?