A performance of a golden eagle at a local festival in Kyrgyzstan went terribly wrong when the bird clutched an eight-year-old girl thinking of it as a prey. The shocking incident took place in the Issyk-Kul region which had a performance to display the hunting skills of an eagle. But the golden eagle swooped down to attack the little girl during the falconry display. The eagle dragged away the girl and the spectators were left in shock. The horrific incident was caught on tape.

The little girl has suffered from head injuries and several stitches as the huge animal caught her in its claws. When the eagle was released, the girl ran away from the spectator area, thus the bird confused it with its prey which it was trained to catch. The golden eagle had a wingspan of more than 6ft grabbed the girl running across the field. The handlers rushed to free the child from the claws and a hunter on horse back too came in for help.

Check the video of the golden eagle attacking the eight-year-old girl:

The girl was then taken to her mother who was among the spectators, and then rushed to the hospital. The doctors informed that the girl had badly injured her head and back and needed several stitches. The doctor also informed about the girl's health saying, "The girl was shocked and distressed but is gradually getting better." The show had demonstrations of traditional eagle hunting skills at the Teskey Zheek festival but it turned into a horrific incident.

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