Green Firecrackers This Diwali, Says Supreme Court; Twitterati is Confused About the Term, Check Funny Tweets and Jokes
Twitter reactions on green firecrackers (Photo credits: Twitter)

The Supreme Court today announced its verdict on the ban of firecrackers in the country, saying only safe and green firecrackers will be allowed. The capital city of Delhi has gained the title of being among the worst populated cities in the world. The menace of air pollution is rising day by day and firecrackers are major contributors to not just air but also the noise. The Supreme Court has also banned the online sale of crackers. Although there is no complete ban, only the green firecrackers will be allowed. The term green firecrackers have left people confused. People on Twitter have started making jokes with putting up pictures of the green coloured bombs which are commonly burst during the festivals. Firecrackers Rules For Diwali, Christmas And New Year: Burst Crackers For 2 Hours on Dipavali, 1 Hour on New Year, Says Supreme Court. 

Green firecrackers are those which are made with recycled paper and do not have chemicals like the other crackers. They also emit less smoke. These green firecrackers do not cause environmental damage. The festival of Diwali is marked by bursting of firecrackers. Over the years there are only more and more varieties and fancy crackers being developed.

Watch Video of the Supreme Court Verdict on Firecracker Ban

The term green firecrackers is now trending on Twitter, and people have got to work to make jokes too. Check how some of the people on Twitter have interpreted green firecrackers.

Green Firecracker Analogies!

What is Green Firecrackers?

Going literal

Bombs are allowed then?

Secular crackers

How the ban looks like

Twitterati is clearly confused with the term and has started trolling the decision already. What do you think about this decision by the Supreme Court? Do let us know in the comments section.