Groom Gets 5 Litres Petrol in Tamil Nadu as Fuel Prices Rise; Check Other Unusual & Unique Gifts Received by People
Unusual wedding gifts by Indians (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Indian weddings have made a repute of being all fancy over the period of the last couple of years. It gets itself the adjectives of being a 'Big Fat Indian Wedding,' thanks to the comprehensive rituals carried out in a grand manner. But along with the splurging that happens in these ceremonies, people do feel the pinch of rising inflation. Petrol is seeing a steady rise in the prices, which has made it a gift in one of the weddings in Tamil Nadu. A groom received 5 litres of petrol as a wedding gift and it may be the best useful gift someone has presented!

As per the traditions, the newly married couple were meeting and greeting their guests in the reception ceremony in Tamil Nadu. The friends of the groom who deserve to be called as best-friends came on stage and presented him with a can containing 5 litres of petrol. Everyone on stage and around was laughing but it was a rather worthy gift, on second thoughts. The petrol price has touched Rs 85.15 per litre in the state, which will make their gift a rather worthy one and of course, memorable. Petrol Prices Cross Rs 90 Mark in 12 Cities of Maharashtra, Check List of Places Where Fuel Rates Are Highest. 

Starting from the month of August, the fuel prices are constantly going up. The fuel prices are touching nearly Rs 100 per litre, thus burning a hole in people's pockets. In the capital, petrol prices have risen by 15.4%. The rise in fuel rates will affect all other commodities as well. Considering the prices keep on rising, the gift makes total sense for the married couple.

In another case of unusual gifting, a couple had received a lot of fresh veggies as their wedding gift. A video had come up online which showed a couple being congratulated on their wedding and one by one all friends kept one vegetable in their hands.

Check out the video of vegetables being gifted to a newly married couple:

While these two couples have been gifted by their friends, another couple had made an interesting demand themselves. In December 2017, a couple named Prashant Sharma and Niti Shree decided that instead of getting the crockery, kitchenware or money wallet in their wedding gifts they would love to get cryptocurrency! The couple collaborated with a bitcoin exchange platform that would allow their guests to gift them in cash and the couple would get a bitcoin. They made a bitcoin centre at their wedding venue, with a person to guide the guests about using the app to transfer the gift in the form of a bitcoin. Interesting how Indians come up with such unique gifting abilities!