Halloween Special Cringey TikTok Videos of the Joker That Will Make Arthur Fleck Weep
Joker Viral Video For Halloween (Photo Credits: TikTok)

Halloween 2019 will be celebrated on October 31. However, the Halloween fever begins with the first day of fall itself. Fans of the festival must have already started decorating their houses for the spook-fest. On social media, however, people have been sharing Halloween videos, pictures, GIFs, etc. TikTok users are not too far behind, churning out spooky content for their followers. The video-creating and sharing app has become a playground for these content creators who have been looking at Todd Philips' supervillain movie Joker for inspiration. Our desi TikTok creators are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to channelling Arthur Fleck through their videos. But they are all cringe-y AF.

Tik Tok folks have been making viral videos pretending to be Joker. However, trust our desi public to take a good thing and make it awful. Some of the videos are so bad that they are good.  Check out some of the Joker-inspired viral videos on Tik Tok:

What Did I Just Watch?

LOL... No


Can't Stop Laughing

Can't Even

And Finally, Check This Funny TikTok Video Compilation For Halloween:

Joker was in the news for being one of the most emotionally overwhelming movies of the year. And DC fans are even rooting for it and Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscars (we wish!). However, with Halloween approaching, these TiTok videos are surely helping us pass time. On a different note, did you know that Joker is blowing up porn sites apart from the box office?  XXX porn industry giant Pornhub searches for Joker sex videos have reportedly surged and it is crazy!