'Handsome' Malaysian Goat Becomes Internet Sensation, Thanks to Its 'K-Pop Star' Looks! (See Pictures)
Handsome Malaysian Goat Goes Viral (Photo Credits: Muhammad Livestock Farm Facebook)

Harini Ramos, an 11-month-old billy goat from Malaysia's Perak has gone viral on social media for its 'pop star looks'. While social media is known for making people internet sensation over the night, this seems to be among the rare times when a goat grabbed people's attention. The Saanen goat at Muhammad Livestock Farm is going viral for looking like a Korean pop star. LGBTQ Pride Month 2019: ‘Some Penguins Are Gay, Get Over It’ London Zoo Honours Ronnie and Reggie’s Love.

The cloven-hoofed Adonis also gained spots in at least two TV reports. The goat's owner 21-year-old Ahmad M Fadzir says that Ramos loves getting photographed. Ahmad told the Harian Metro, "I did not expect the photos to go viral. I have more than 17 Saanen goats. This one, however, is a good-looking one as he has a ‘jambul’ (crested hair) and smiles when I take pictures. Some people asked me if I want to sell Ramos. However, I have to politely decline and will offer them other goats from the same breed instead." Harriet, The Singing Donkey From Ireland is an Internet Sensation! Watch Viral Video of Her Melodious Opera-like Singing.

Check Out Pictures of The Handsome Goat Below:

Ahmad said that he fell in love with the goat the moment he saw it.

He was in Terengganu looking to buy female goats but when he saw Ramos and changed his mind and bought it. He said that it wasn't easy bringing up Saanen goats as they need to be brought up in a clean environment and properly maintained. As pictures of Ramos went viral, people flocked to Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak to click the animal.