Highest Handstand! Norway Gymnast Performs Death-Defying Stunt at 1300 Ft on Rampestreken Viewpoint to Mark His 40th Birthday, Watch Video
Gymnast does death-defying handstand (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Turning 40 can be a stressful feeling for some, but if you are a fitness enthusiast very dedicated to a fitness regimen then age is just a number. Well, to each his own outlook about the age factor but a professional gymnast Eskil Rønningsbakken decided to do something spellbinding on his 40th birthday. He climbed up the fantastic Rampestreken in Åndalsnes (Norway) and performed a handstand at 1300ft. To do this dangerous stunt, he installed a structure at the edge of the viewpoint. A video of his stunt has been shared online and if you have a fear of heights, we advise you not to see it. Texas Man Crushes Both Legs While Base Jumping From 19-Floor-Building in Norway (Video).

Eskil Rønningsbakken is a professional but the video is still scary. Any wrong move or a slip of his hand could have cost him his life. To reach the spot, he hiked about a mile. He constructed a ladder over the cliff, stretched himself out and then balanced perfectly atop it doing a perfect handstand. There is a  picturesque background of the most incredible Norwegian landscapes. He performed this stunt on June 24. Ludhiana: Boys Perform Dangerous Stunt as Train Passes By, Jump Off Into Canal Beside Railway Track; Watch Video.

Watch Video of Deadly Stunt by 40-Year-Old Gymnast on His Birthday:

The video is indeed breathtaking but a slight miss of precision, it could have taken away his breathe for sure. As he himself puts it, "I performed the handstand, and this has to be done with an exactness that is hard to explain. There is simply no room for mistakes, but this is what I do and in the sake of creating art. You don't see much of the view while balancing, since it´s simply room for surviving, but before and after I do look at the nature and enjoy it a lot. It was a pleasure to be allowed to be part of something beautiful as this." People have interesting ways of ringing in their birthdays and this man chose to risk it all for his adrenaline rush.