How Humans Cross The Road Vs How Elephants Cross The Road! These Videos Show We Have a Lot to Learn From Jumbos
Elephants crossing the roads (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

Crossing the road is a task if you are in India. Although there is nothing to be proud about in that statement, you'd have seen or observed more traffic at the crossroads then at the actual signals. Given the rash driving that people do in the country, crossing a road can become an art that needs mastering! And while we humans have the benefit of speech and intellect, sometimes animals prove to be better. There are recent examples of elephants crossing the roads which can be compared to or rather be learnt from. In one of the videos, the elephant even helps a tortoise to cross the road. In another, an elephant is seen crossing the road but the biker intervenes. So these videos do have a lesson to impart.

There are certain rules of crossing the road that one has to follow, but we are so used to not following them. Even if there is a red signal, we will always see of a few people who will break it and go. This is a danger for not just the person crossing but also the drivers on the road. Nevertheless, we have gotten used to these dangerous games and give even lesser thought if the intervening person is an animal. So we give you some examples of elephants crossing the road or getting across to the other side. Elephants Swimming Across Kerala's Periyar River Amaze Netizens, Video Goes Viral.

Watch Video of Elephant Helping Tortoise to Cross the Road:

Isn't it cute? The location from where this is captured is not known. The elephant ensures that the tortoise goes back into an area of safety or it could have been in danger. If that was a busy street, no one would have even realised there's a tortoise in the first place. The way, the animal turned around the tortoise and led it into the right direction is really amazing.

Watch Video of Elephant Crossing The Road but a Biker Interferes:

Wildlife management authorities have to ensure the safety of the animals. So it is a practice of stopping the human traffic for a while, to let the elephant pass. In the above video, while the others waited, one biker decided to cross the road anyway. It was a close miss and it could have either hurt the elephant or chances were he would be attacked. Lazy Elephant Blocks Traffic by Sleeping in the Middle of Road in Thailand, Watch Video of Jumbo Taking Nap!

There are forest covers in the country which are a natural habitat for the elephants, but there is also a road/highway passing through the forest. So it is quite common to see wild elephants at the roadside but we humans need to pay attention and be aware of their right to coexist.