A pod of three killer whales attacked a humpback whale mother and her calf off the coast of Ningaloo in Western Australia on Friday. One of the rarely seen phenomenons was captured on the drone by two fishermen. The video shows the humpback whale mother and her calf protecting three killer whales from the attack. The humpback and her calf can be seen swimming side-by-side before they are attacked by three killer whales. The orcas can be seen taking turns to swim at the mother and distract her as the third attacker dived and tried to take away the two-week-old calf. Eventually, the mother lost the fight as they took away her baby. Privacy 'Breach'! Rare Photograph Captures Humpback Whale Showing Off His Penis While Jumping Out of Water in Sydney (View Pic)

Shane Stephen, one of the fishermen who witnessed the attack took to saying that it was 'the craziest thing' he had seen all year. He was quoted as saying, "I was marlin fishing and had the first orca shoot in and roll right under the boat, showing off and playing. Shortly after, we saw splashing and a commotion and knew a hunt was underway. It is the first orca hunt and kill of a humpback whale this season and went on for almost 2 hours." While the mother tried her best, the attackers eventually took away the baby from her. Stephen wrote, "Yes it is raw and not for everyone but it is nature at it's finest." Canada: Montreal’s Wayward Humpback Whale Died After Being Hit by Boat.

Humpback Whale Protects Calf From Killer Whales:

Stephen told Reuters that after the attack, the humpback mother's calf was "taken" and separated from the mother after two hours. Killer whales or orcas often hunt in groups looking for prey like fish, whales and sea turtles in shallow waters.

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