You have probably seen a lot of whale photos and videos online or on shows focusing on marine life, but a photographer from Sydney captured a rare, or rather a private moment of a whale. During a whale-watching trip, John Goodridge captured one of a kind picture of a humpback whale with its penis on display! Sneaky capture? Maybe not. But definitely a happy one. Goodridge is a wildlife photographer and he has taken many pictures of whales as yet but this is the first time he witnessed the whale's private part on display. Rare Baby Dragons Go on Display at Slovenia’s Postojna Cave; See Pictures and Video of Olms Born in 2016.

John Goodridge took a trip with Go Whale Watching cruise from Sydney Harbour, Australia on June 13. He snapped many pictures on the cruise but did not realise he had caught one with the massive whale's private part. While examining the pictures later, he stumbled upon the rare moment. A report in Ladbible quotes him, "It certainly isn't every day that you get to see something like that. It is incredibly rare to see and there is not really that many photographs out there showing a humpback whale's penis." He added that he has clicked over a thousand whales but this is the first time he has captured such a photo, so it is definitely exciting. Giant 280-Kg Stingray Caught by Fishermen in Malaysian River, View Pics of The Rare Monstrous-looking Sea Creature.

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Here's a Full Photo:

Incredible, right? Had you seen such a photograph before? Goodridge also mentioned that it is possible the whale had just mated and then made an appearance, likely why the penis was out. His picture can be rightly called a privacy breach, a term used for whales jumping out of water.


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