I Purple You Day: BTS Fans Celebrate Third Anniversary of Kim Taehyung’s Famous Phrase of Love, Know What It Means (Check Viral Tweets)
I Purple You Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

It has been three years since the BTS member, Kim Taehyung, introduced and explained to the ARMY, the phrase of “I Purple You.” Ever since the phrase was first coined, people have been swearing-in, to the colour. Can the craze end any sooner? We don’t think so! After celebrating 1000 days of the famous phrase of love, BTS fans, today, on November 13, 2019, are observing the third anniversary of the same. Dedicating to their favourite K-Pop singer, people are trending “I Purple You Day,” accompanied by trending hashtag and videos of the moment, when Taehyung explained its meaning. Twitter is flooded with I Purple You tweets. If you live under the rock and wondering what the phrase could mean and why “I Purple You Day” is trending online, here we explain to you! Marvel Fans Get into a Twitter War With BTS Army for Stealing Tony Stark's 'Love You 3000' Phrase to Promote the K-Pop Band. 

Three years ago, BTS member, Taehyung introduced and explained to the ARMY, the phrase of “I Purple You.” The 23-year-old Korean singer who goes by the stage name, V, told the colour purple was a hue of love. “Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last colour of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time. I just made it up,” he said at a live concert. “I wish I could see you for a long time just like the meaning of purple,” he continued. BTS Member V's Adorable Dog Video Has Left All Fans Going Awww... Watch Cute Video of Tannie. 

Watch Video: Taehyung Explaining the Meaning of 'I Purple You'

The audience roared in response to Taehyun’s statement. But his BTS band members were stunned to see how he managed to create such a beautiful meaning for the vibrant shade. Ever since then, BTS fans have used the colour purple to express their love and affection towards the band.

I Purple You!

Three Years Since 'I Purple You' Was Coined!

Oh Yes!!

BTS Army!

And today it is the third year, since Taehyun coined the phrase. Yes, he might have just made that up amidst a live concert. But his expression genuinely has a deeper meaning. The wave of the colour purple has served the band well and so their devoted fans. The music band continues to break all the records with the release of their third concert film, Bring the Soul: The Movie. It was released reportedly in 110 countries and is considered the band’s most comprehensive film release ever.