Marvel Fans Get into a Twitter War With BTS Army for Stealing Tony Stark's 'Love You 3000' Phrase to Promote the K-Pop Band
Marvel fans miffed with BTS Army for using Tony Stark's 'Love You 3000' quote. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It has been an emotional year for Marvel fans given that they had to bid adieu to one of their most loved characters, Tony Stark aka Iron-Man with Avengers: Endgame. Months after the film's release, fans are still coping with the superheroes absence from the MCU and one of his signature phrases from the film, 'I love You 3000' now holds a sentimental place in their hearts. Recently K-pop band BTS member Jin used the phrase during his Wembley concert and their fans who call themselves BTS Amry was quick to share the video and now K-Pop fans all over have got it trending it again as though taking ownership over it. This irked Marvel fans and now Twitter is divided over this. International Day of Friendship 2019: UNICEF Releases Heartwarming Video on Spreading Kindness Featuring Korean Band BTS.

The line is first said when Tony is putting his daughter Morgan to bed after he figures out time travel. The same statement then it takes on a much more emotional meaning during the climax as after Tony's death, his hologram says "I love you 3000" back to Morgan. Is Taron Egerton Playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here’s What the Kingsman Star Has to Say!

Now Marvel fans are asking BTS fans to stop changing the meaning of this emotional phrase and linking it to the K-Pop band. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter.







One of the Twitter users even tried to calm Marvel fans down saying that Jin only used the phrase for his army and has often claimed to be a Marvel fan. She further stated that BTS music video 'Epiphany' recently reached 50 million views, and fans were just celebrating by making reference to the Marvel quote.