Indian Pub Invents ‘Female Beer’ That’s Not ‘Bitter or Strong’, Twitter Doesn’t Know Where to Start
Ardor 29 introduces female beer. (Photo credits: Twitter/zoopertrip)

Not only age, but now, even gender plays a role if you want to drink and have a fun night with your friends. An Indian pub, Ardor 29 has come up with something called “female beer”. Beer is supposed to be a man’s drink because of its strong and bitter taste and the female is beer is an alcoholic beverage is supposed to be sweet and mild, just the way women like their alcohol. Needless to say, Ardor got abhorred! Woman Drinking Pink Gin From Wine Glass in London Metro Is All the Motivation You Need to Get Sloshed on Friday (View Viral Pic).

Ardor 29 is a resto-bar Gurgaon sector 29. The place received some heat on social media after they introduced a new beverage to their drinks menu. The alcoholic beverage is being marketed as “female beer”. It’s supposed to be a beer without the strong, pungent taste of a beer. Instead, it’s supposed to taste sweet just like the ladies prefer. The place came up with beer cocktails and announced, “gone are the days when beer was called a man’s drink ‘cause it’s bitter and strong ‘cause now we have Beer cocktails that are perf for the pretty ladies too!” “Arrest Me With Your C**k!” Drunk Wales Woman Tries to Twerk on a Police Officer (Watch Viral Video).

Ardor 29's Announcement Post

Whether this post was made genuinely or just to create some buzz, it managed to get a lot of hate for the words. People on Twitter and Instagram were mad with the choice of words used by the bar to promote their cocktail.

Some Twitter Reactions on "Female Beer"

A twitter user tweeted, “Brands, can you please f%*king leave us alone? We don’t want Female Beer or Female anything

PS: apparently this is a non strong, non bitter beer. Listen people, drink juice instead 🤬🤬”

Most of the people who saw this post wondered if “female beer” was actually a thing and how a beverage supposed to be male or female? It didn’t take long for the post to spread around only to get shamed by almost every twitter user who saw it. People have been shutting the brand down by reminding them absolutely nobody asked for what they just delivered.