Iraqi Instagram Model Tara Fares Shot Dead While Driving Her Porsche in Baghdad
Iraqi Instagram Model Tara Fares Shot Dead (Photo Credits: its.tarafares/ Instagram)

In Iraq, a number of women have been killed by unidentified gunman out open in the country. The latest victim is an Iraqi model and social media influencer Tara Fares who was shot dead while driving her car in Baghdad at the city’s Kam Sara neighbourhood. Her death came just after days when she was voted as the sixth most popular Iraqi on social media with nearly 3 million followers on Instagram alone. As per media reports, the country’s Ministry of Interior said that they are investigating her tragic death. 39 Indians Killed in Iraq's Mosul by ISIS: List of Names of 27 Victims Identified So Far. 

The 22-year-old who lived in Erbil, suffered “three fatal bullet wounds” as she drove through the capital’s Camp Sarah district. Fans of Fares turned to social media remembering the star who spent much of her time abroad. Fares reportedly began to spend more time in the Iraqi capital. A fashionista, the Instagrammer has been appreciated for her beauty, sporting tattoos, different hair colours and adventurous clothes. Twitter users are citing that the fame and lifestyle she led targeted her. It is worth noting that with her liberal style of modelling, she challenged a society, deeply rooted in conservative ideas.

Tara's last Instagram post!

In the past months, many women in the country have been murdered. Quoting media reports, two females involved in the beauty industry have also been killed in Iraq in the recent months. Again, just two days ago prominent women’s rights activist, Soad al-Ali was shot dead in her car in Basra. Similar probes by the police officials have brought no justice yet allowing criminals to walk free and continuous such heinous crimes.