Isha Ambani- Anand Piramal Wedding Inspires a Weekend Party in Pakistan! Ambani-Themed Decemberistan Becomes Craziest Bash This Year
Representational Image (Photo credits: Unsplash)

It is the season of the parties and celebrations everywhere as we await the beginning of 2019. The year of 2018 in its last days, people have made their party plans to begin the new year on a celebratory note. Meanwhile, 2018 also saw a lot of parties one after another in the entertainment sphere as a lot of celeb weddings took place this year. But it was undoubtedly the Isha Ambani- Anand Piramal wedding that caught all eyes with its grandeur. So much so that Ambanis have become a theme for our neighbouring country Pakistan. A Karachi weekend party called Decemberistan had a theme of Ambani wedding. Not $100 Million But Isha Ambani's Wedding To Cost Approximately $15 Million!

Decemberistan is a time when people of Karachi indulge in big parties and this time it only got bigger. According to a report in The Print, Decemberistan is "a fleeting psychological and physical condition brought on by seasonal displacement when a false sense of mass euphoria and wellbeing affects the population of urban Pakistan" and amidst the cold weather, affluent non-resident Pakistanis come together for a short period. With a theme, to do it like the Ambanis, it is now being called the craziest bash in Karachi of this season. Move Over Priyanka-Nick, Deepika-Ranveer and Isha-Anand Expensive Weddings, This Pakistani Man’s Rs. 20,000 Ceremony Is Winning Internet’s Hearts.

Pakistani supermodel Aliya Zaidi was the hostess of this party. Every year this winter party has a theme to it. A selective audience is welcomed at this high-class union. The Ambani's wedding pictures, videos were shared widely on social media. Taking cues from them, this party saw much opulence in every bit. There were white flowers, chandeliers, fake diamond, gold and crystals used in the decorations. One of the signboards near the drinks counter had a gold cut-out of the name Ambani.

The party was attended by stars from the Pakistani TV and film industry along with socialities and expats. All the guests ensured they made grand entries in best of their blingy outfits. The dress code for this had to be all blingy of course! Naturally, a fan of Bollywood, the playlist saw different genre of Hindi music playing at the event. Bollywood party songs to album hit tracks, all sorts of music was being played. Video: Salman Khan Turns Background Dancer for Anant Ambani’s Performance at Isha-Anand Piramal’s Wedding Sangeet, Gets Trolled Hard.

To make up for the absence of the Bollywood stars, some wore masks of them. Designer, Deepak Perwani wore a mask of Amitabh Bachchan. He was quoted to The Print report, "There was a bevvy of stars at the Ambani wedding — I picked Big B’s look because it was easy to emulate. After all, Mr Bachchan is the king of Bollywood and as the king of Pakistani fashion, I had to glam it up." Not wanting to miss out on anything or even the performances, Frieha Altaf a model-turned-choreographer appeared like Beyoncé. Decemberistan thus saw massive inspiration from Ambani wedding when it came to taking things grand this time.