Jamie Lee Curtis Expresses Displeasure on Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Photobombing Her Pictures; Actress Slams Company For Blatant Promotions
Jamie Lee Curtis slams Fiji water girl (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If there is one person that really had all eyes during the Golden Globes 2019 ceremony, then it has to be Fiji water girl Kelleth Cuthbert, who photobombed almost all pictures on the red carpet. Even before the actual ceremony had begun, this model, dressed in blue, holding Fiji water tray had grabbed the limelight. Social media was full of memes with her unmissable presence on the red carpet. but actress Jamie Lee Curtis has expressed utter displeasure at Cuthbert's presence or photobombing in her pictures. Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert From the Golden Globes Gives Tips to Photobomb Perfectly.

The 60-year-old Halloween actress posted on her Instagram and wrote a long post about how she had not given the permission for this promotional stunt. "The sponsors of events need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products," she wrote, unimpressed with the pictures. She had not agreed to any of such stunts and despite moving away from the frame, the picture still had the model's presence as much. Golden Globes Photobomber AKA Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Inspires HILARIOUS Memes. 

Check Jamie Lee Curtis's Post About Pictures With Fiji Water Girl 

The model Cutberth became famous overnight and according to her she was not intentionally stealing all the spotlight, but just that her modelling instincts took over once she was on the red carpet! She photobombed the pictures of  Jim Carrey, Kaley Cuoco, Judy Greer, Nicole Kidman, and Dakota Fanning among other stars on the red carpet.