Jeff Bezos’ Awkward Sexts to News Anchor Lauren Sanchez Has Gone Viral, Funny ‘Alive Girl’ Memes Raid the Internet
Jeff Bezos' awkward sext memes.

The National Enquirer recently revealed that Jeff Bezos sent some very awkward sexts to news anchor Lauren Sanchez. The texts were so weird and bizarre that people even fail to understand what he really trying to say. Jeff Bezos has earned a reputation of a bad sexter after the whole scene was out in the media. According to the exclusive reports, the sext lines (That should go down under the world's worst sexts) didn't make any sense. Apparently, he addresses Sanchez as "alive girl" and his complete sentence was "I love you, alive girl." What made it even worse was this sentence, "I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.” Lauren Sanchez is Dating Jeff Bezos! Know All About The Former News Anchor Who Is Romancing Amazon CEO (See Pictures.)

The "sexts" seemed questionable and also inappropriate. However, what garnered all the attention was the term "alive." Why would one call someone "alive"? While some guess that it was the auto correct, some are busy making memes out of it. Jeff Bezos’ Lewd Sexting & X-Rated Dick Pics Sent to Lauren Sanchez Surfaces - The Reason Behind Amazon CEO's Divorce with Wife MacKenzie Bezos!

Take a look at some of the memes surrounding the Jeff Bezos sext controversy.

Can't decide!

You never know!

ROLFing hard!

I can't even...


This is hilarious.


These memes have raided the internet. We are sure Jeff Bezos wouldn't have imagined his sexts will become material for memes in no time. However, we are still waiting for any reaction from Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez.