John Bobbitt Recalls the Horrific Incident When His Wife Cut Off His Penis 25-years Ago with a Kitchen Knife, Watch Video
John Bobbitt recalls the incident when his wife cut his penis off. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A quarter-century ago, a man woke up one morning to discover a horrific incident that his wife had cut his penis off. John Bobbitt and his ex-wife Lorena made sensational headlines in 1993 when she cut John’s penis with a kitchen knife as he lay sleeping in bed and fled the house with a penis in one hand and the knife in the other. Now 25 years later, John Bobbitt is providing a fresh recollection of events in a two-hour special with ABC 20/20. Lorena Bobbitt was arrested and charged with malicious wounding but was pleaded not guilty to temporary insanity, as reported in Metro. She accused her husband of abuse and rape in their six-year-long marriage and claimed that he had raped her the night of the attack as well. Tamil Nadu Wife Bites Off Husband's Penis After Getting Caught in a Compromising Position With Lover Inside Toilet.

Amy Robach is hosting the 20/20 special titled ‘The Bobbitts: Love Hurts’ told Inside Edition that Bobbitt is doing well more than two decades since the horrifying attack. She said, “He says that he is happy, that he’s healthy, he’s living in Las Vegas, he has a girlfriend who he loves, and life is good.” Bobbitt told ABC News, “I sprung up and I was bleeding, I was applying pressure then immediately I thought it was something out of a horror movie. A nightmare turned into reality.”

John Bobbitt in Exclusive Interview with ABC’s 20/20 Show

At that time, John’s friend Robert Johnston was staying at the Bobbitt’s home and he drove him to the nearest Prince William Hospital immediately. John’s penis was found by police near a 7-Eleven and an officer put it on ice and transported it to the hospital. Surgeons spent nine hours reattaching the penis. Dr David Berman, a plastic surgeon who operated on Bobbitt said that the surgery’s focus was to reconnect the arteries, veins and nerves so John would have blood flow and sensation in his penis.

Recalling the event, John said he feared for his life at that moment. “I thought I was gonna die. I thought, ‘That’s it, gonna die’,” Bobbitt tells Robach in the special. The trial drew a massive audience and was televised across the country. John and Lorena have seen each other only once since the trial in the year 2009 for an appearance on the TV tabloid show, The Insider.